Handwoven Straw Planter Baskets: A Greener Planting Option

Gardening is so much more than a fun hobby; it’s also a great way to take care of the planet. If you’re a home gardener seeking to minimize your ecological footprint, you’re probably on the lookout for sustainable gardening products. There are many supplies such as non-biodegradable pots, chemical pesticides, and weed killers that can harm the environment. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendlier alternatives to these common garden necessities.

These hanging straw planters by Emerging Green allow you to elegantly display plants while reducing plastic waste. Woven by hand and made primarily from natural materials, these versatile, attractive hanging planters are a more sustainable solution for your home or garden.

Strong, Flexible Design

The woven straw exterior gives these planters an appealing natural aesthetic, while a sturdy metal frame within the weave adds strength and durability. The baskets can support up to 8 pounds of weight, so they’re able to securely hold even larger plants.

Handmade, Not Mass-Produced

Emerging Green’s woven hanging planters are individually handcrafted by women in the Shandong province of China. Most of these women complete their work at home, while others gather and work together in community halls in their villages. They are never subjected to factory working conditions, and their employment allows them to support their families.

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Made Primarily From Plant Materials

The baskets are woven from rush grass (Juncus effusus), an ornamental grass commonly used to make Japanese tatami mats as well as other woven goods. It grows wild throughout Asia and is even considered an invasive weed in some areas, making it a highly renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested.

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In addition, Emerging Green sources most of their rush from local farmers. Obtaining materials such as these locally reduces the need for transportation and unnecessary fossil fuel consumption.

Thin, waterproof plastic liners along the insides of the baskets protect the grass weave from water damage so that your hanging planters stay in optimal condition. These liners can be repurposed if desired to minimize waste.

How to Use It

For best results, hang these planter baskets indoors or in a protected area outside to avoid exposing them to excess moisture. If the grass weave becomes wet, place the hanging planters in a sunny location where it can dry thoroughly.

Instead of planting flowers and herbs directly in the baskets, it’s recommended to pot plants in an inexpensive terra cotta pot, then place the entire pot within the planter for a more refined look. Potting separately gives your plants the drainage they need while allowing excess water to collect in the plastic liner.

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If you decide to plant directly in the planter, you may cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic lining for drainage. Or, alternatively, you can place a layer of gravel or charcoal in the bottom of the planter before adding soil to create a drainage layer for excess water.

Wrapping Up

Choosing greener gardening supplies has many benefits for the environment. Emerging Green is a small, family owned business that strives to make it easy to care for the planet by offering eco-friendlier products for your home and garden. Visit their website to learn more about who they are and what they do.

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