• CONVENIENCE: Our potted plant watering devices can keep your plants hydrated up to 99 days while you enjoy your vacation. With its DIY automatic drip irrigation kit, you can keep up to 4 potted plants watered. With some creative thinkering, you can keep up to 8 pots watered.
  • EFFICIENCY: With its intelligent water saving design, you can save both water and electricity consumption. The self irrigation watering drip devices for plants helps you to save water compared to traditional spray or via watering can. It runs on a 3.7V recharge lithium battery, which only needs to be charged once every 2 months. (It can be recharge by USB cable)
  • EASE OF USE: This drip watering system for potted plants is easy to set up and use. You can refer to the 7th image to understand how it works. Once you assemble the physical set up, simply set the timer according to your requirements. The left side determines the number of days it will run its watering schedule, the right side determine the duration of irrigation per day.
  • HELPFUL: Our DIY micro automatic drip irrigation kit will gently remind you when the water or power supply is low. We understand that both your plants and time are extremely important. This can be a good complement to herb garden kits for adults.
  • DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit Self Watering System Package includes: 1 Water system timer (2.3*3.5 inch), 4 Drippers, 1 Five ways head, 1 Metallic hook, Black water tubing (118 inch), Transparent water tubing (59 inch) Feel free to contact us if you require any support.

Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit (Self Watering System - Houseplants)

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