• Our set of 2 bamboo chairs folds flat and compact for easy storage. It is lightweight and strong. Can easily support up to 160 lbs.
  • Every fold out chair is imperfectly perfect and has its own natural marking. We use bamboo with its natural finishing to create this beautiful and authentic product. It can serve as patio chairs or a garden chair. This way, you will be sitting in the green out on a green.
  • Our design is unique, and you will hardly see any duplicate of these foldable chairs. This can make an interesting gifts to your family and friends. Gifting these chairs for kids can be a really cool idea too. They will be awed by your choice and generosity!
  • There are many types of material used for making foldable chairs. Whether it is plastic, metal or wood. Why not use bamboo? It is one of the best eco friendly products. Moreover, it is sustainable source. Embrace zero waste. This is an excellent alternative to rattan chair or traditional wood folding chairs.


**Please take note that every chair may have a slightly different coloration and markings due to it’s natural finish. It is the natural characteristics of unfinished wood and part of the appeal. These are not defect. Please refer to the images of our foldable chairs.


You can purchase from Amazon HERE.

Bamboo Folding Chair (Set of 2)


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