NON-SLIP SWEAT RESISTANCE – Due to it's unique cork surface material, the cork yoga mat provides extra grip when you are sweating.


ELASTICITY – The eco friendly yoga mat is made of recyclable TPE at it's underside, hence it's able to gently absorb your weight shift during your practise.


ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY – The non-slip yoga mat consists of a natural cork surface and a TPE underside. The cork yoga mat does not contain any PVC, latex or plasticizers.


HYGIENCE – The cork surface of the yoga mat is naturally self-cleaning and odour-repellent. This is due to it's natural properties in negating statics and microbes.


PRACTICAL – The type of material used allows our yoga mat to be lightweight and durable. You can have your practise anywhere you want. Moreover this mat can last for many years with proper care.

Dimension: 72 x 25.6 inch  / 183 x 65 cm
Thickness: 7mm


You can puchase via Amazon HERE.

Eco friendly Yoga Mat

  • You can puchase via Amazon HERE.

    If you are keen in this yoga mat, I appreciate if you can purchase it via our website rather than Amazon. It's the same price. Thank you.