• MINIMALIST DESIGN - The simplicity aligns you to your meditation practice with no distraction. Helps you to be in the present and maintain your Seiza posture.
  • COMFORTABLE - Helps you to engage your meditation practice while minimizing your leg discomfort. Your blood can flow more easily and reduce the numbness in your leg.
  • PORTABLE - It's lightweight and foldable. Easy to carry it around in your tote bag or backpack for meditation session in your favorite garden, lake or forest.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Made of bamboo which can be harvest every 3 -5 years in a sustainable manner.
  • DURABLE - With normal daily usage and care, it can easily last for a few years. The brass hinges is designed for extensive usage.

Dimension: 17.7 * 7.4 * 6.6 Inch
Weight: 2.8 pound

Foldable Meditation Bench

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