The news of COVID-19 outbreak has just been announced on the paper. Macgyver was sitting in his home office, looking out the window wondering how this would impact the world. He was thinking about the years he has been traveling, where he witnessed how climate change has affected people, and the widespread poverty on three different continents: Asia, Middle East and Africa. This had inspired him to do something about it - Emerging Green! A small family business with grand dreams for a greener future.

Emerging Green is based in Singapore and we aim to replace home products by using sustainable or recycled material. "We can reduce landfill waste while protecting our planet at the same time. I believe in taking actions. Lots of it! Currently 70% of our products comes from sustainable or recycled sources.” Macgyver

The past 5 decades of global economic development has created an unforeseen impact on our planet. The human population growth has contributed to widespread deforestation and immense pollution.

Many developing countries served as both raw material supplier and dumping sites for economically affluent countries. As a result, we started to witness the effects of global warming and cross border pollution in the past decade. The recent locust plagues, desertification and floods around the world are evidence of climate change.

By utilizing renewable  and recycled raw material, we can effect positive change for our future generation. Think circular economy, sustainability and environmental conservation..


With Greater Awareness, Come Better Choices!