Emerging Green is a small family run business based in Singapore. We focus on home and outdoor products, with an eye on sustainability. Currently 70% of our products comes from sustainable or recycled sources. We are constantly looking for environmental friendly alternative that can serve our customers need. 

The past 5 decades of global economic development has created an unforeseen impact on our planet. The human population growth has contributed to widespread deforestation and immense pollution.

Many developing countries served as both raw material producer and dumping sites for economically affluent countries. As a result, we started to witness the effects of global warming and cross border pollution in the past decade. The recent locust plagues and flood in various continents shows the effect of climate change.

By utilizing recycled and renewable raw material, we are creating an effective and sustainable means of removing ‘rubbish’. This in turn creates job while conserving our environment for future generations. Think circular economy, upcycling..


Greater Awareness, Better Choices!


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