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  • VERSATILE: Use this Hori Hori knife for digging, cutting, weeding, planting bulbs, pruning, transplanting, harvesting and grafting. Superior full tang design to withstand intense use in challenging conditions which also makes it an excellent tool for camping, hiking, fishing or hunting. It comes with a pair of gardening glove that allows you to handle various gardening needs.
  • TOUGH: Japanese Design made of 100% stainless steel 7-inch blade that can handle a lot of digging load. With sharp straight and serrated edges, it is perfect for cutting and slicing through tough materials. One of our favorite soil knife for gardening!
  • QUANTITATIVE: Using the Hori Hori knife’s measurement in Metric or Imperial system, this ensure seedlings and bulbs are planted to the correct soil depth. This is an essential part of anybody’s garden starter kit.
  • ERGONOMICS: Made with a 5-inch sturdy wooden handle that fits well with your hands. Our digging knife allows you to maintain a firm grip for hours in a sweaty condition. You can easily switch to the gardening gloves for other form of gardening work too.

Hori Hori Garden Knife with Sheath & Gardening Gloves

  • You can purchase from Amazon HERE.

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