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  • Create a bird paradise in your garden with our bird feeder tray and hanging bird bath! By providing bird treats, clean water and providing a safe haven, birds will flock to your garden like never before.
  • Comes in a set of 2, there are the hanging platform bird feeder and bird baths for outdoors. Big enough to accommodate several birds while they feed and bath! You can even use it as a squirrel feeder if you like! Enjoy the simple pleasure while they are having fun.
  • Our wild bird feeders and hanging bird bath are made of hard resin plastic. They are durable in all weather condition. It can be clean via a simple spray with sink sprayer or water hose when needed. This bird bath for outside hanging can last for years.
  • Our platform bird feeder measures 11 inch wide and 2.5 inch deep. It can hold a large quantity of bird seeds and can accommodate several birds. Birds of varying sizes such as Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmouse and Finches can feed on it. It can even act as mealworms feeder for bluebirds.
  • An ideal bird watcher gifts and it comes in a simple gift packaging. Our outdoor bird feeder and hanging bird bath bowl will bring joy to the recipients for many years to come!

Set of Bird feeder and bath

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