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Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

1. Set of 3 Spiral Notebook

It’s well designed for people who are into writing and care about their environment. Made of 100% recycled paper, stopping deforestation has now become a choice. If you are not into flashy gifts, this essential office/ school item will do the job! Check it out here

2. Soap Making Kit

If you are thinking of making their own soap, look no further. Suitable for new hobbyists and experienced soap makers, it's extremely user friendly and safe. Made of pine wood, stainless steel and bamboo, this can last a long time. If you want to make some soaps as a gift during this season, this soap making kit offers you this best opportunity. Check it out here

3. Bamboo Flatware

Made of natural bamboo and comes with a natural finish, it is uniquely original and stands apart from the rest. You can’t be more organic than than using a wooden spoon. It is durable, minimalist and functional. You can check it out here

4. Foldable Bamboo Table

This can serve either as a low table or bed table. It's versatile, compact and made of premium solid bamboo. This is especially handy for millennials for doing their work or watching the latest series on Netflix! Check it out here

5. Cork Yoga Mat

Yoga is a popular practice among many for its varied health benefits. If you are into yoga, this can be the perfect gift. It's premium, eco-friendly and aesthetic. Comes with an anti-slip grip, this can be particularly useful for those who are into hot yoga or bikram. Check it out here It's designed to be thicker than most of the cork yoga mats (3 – 5mm) to provide gentle cushioning for the knees and wrist. With the alignment lines, this helps the individual to correct their pose during their practice. Check it out here

6. Wooden Bird House

Do you have a soft spot for animals and birds? If yes, this is the perfect gift for you. This wooden bird house is made of reforested pine wood. It's eco-friendly, easy to maintain and suitable for a wide variety of birds. What can be more lovely than giving our little friend a shelter during fall? Check it out here

7. Cork Trivet & Coaster

Ideal for the season of celebration and feasting. These cork trivet and coasters protect your furniture from moisture and heat, plus it absorbs the noise in a gentle way. Check it out here

8. Handwoven Straw Handbag

Suitable for ladies who love going shopping and carrying tons of stuff in their bag. This handbag is handwoven and made of plant-based material. It's spacious, durable and beautiful. Check it out here

Emerging Green is a small family business with a eye on sustainability. Learn more about us here.

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