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How does gardening makes the world better?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Your neighbor has a bountiful garden, and you are thinking of having one too. Then you started thinking, why do you even want a garden? Is having a garden too much of a hassle? What do you know about plants besides those vegetables you consume daily. At first glance, the presence of a garden makes your home more beautiful. The same sentiment come around when you are looking to buy or sell a property. The beautification it offers to your place increases the interest from the buyers and that's a welcoming fact! These are just the tip of the iceberg in what makes the garden an important part of your home. In this article, we’ll take a look at the positive impacts a garden has on the environment.

Importance of Gardening

It plants an important yet understated role in our lives. Here are the reasons why:

A reduction in pollution

The presence of plants makes the atmosphere cleaner and healthier. These plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in return. This is achieved through the process called photosynthesis. As this process continues to occur, it results in cleaner and clearer atmosphere.

Beyond the fact that this process reduces carbon dioxide for our breathing, it prevents the accumulation of greenhouse gases. The presence of greenhouses gases, which carbon dioxide is part, causes immense problem for the climate. Over the past few years, there has been several reports of glaciers melting across the North Pole and severe climate change. Think flood, drought and or failed harvest. This is worrisome as it posted an existential problem to human beings in our children or subsequent generations.

Beyond our respiration, carbon in other forms find their way into the body, through unhealthy food. Fruits and vegetables are important nutrients in the body. However, since most them are bought from the market or store, you never can be too sure what they’ve gone through. For instance, transport of these products by road exposes them to carbon monoxide. Moreover heavy usage of pesticide by commercial farm is common practice.

Hence the conditions of the produce prior to you receiving them can be uncertain, making them a risk to consume. However with the garden right by your house, you’ll be able to ensure a low carbon footprint and safety for the vegetable or fruits that you consume.

The groundwater for breeding

The presence of a garden in your house makes the soil in the area healthier. And this satisfy your plants and other living things. This makes your backyard a breeding ground for beautiful insects like butterflies and birds. In today’s fast pace and tense up society, nature can be an outlet of relief. Gardening improves the soil when it leverages on organic wastes. Droppings from animal are bio-degradable and contains all sort of useful nutrients for plants growth. In short, having a garden can edge us closer to the zero-waste practice.

Reduces erosion

The presence of plants in an area improves the soil by making it more compact, protect the topsoil from being blown off and improve the resistance to erosions. When you have a garden, you are indirectly helping to keep unwanted sediment out of streams, roads and storm drains. This reduces the deterioration of soil quality and reduces desertification.

What you need to start a garden

Having read the above benefits of a garden, you maybe thinking of starting your own little patch.. Either you want to keep gardening as a hobby or aspiring to sell some produce on farmers’ market in due time. There are some basic tools you need. Hence, in this section, we’ll review all you need and add a link for you to get them directly.

Hori Knife

It’s versatile, practical and every gardener’s favorite. You can use it for cutting plants’ root and branches, weeding and harvesting. Made of stainless steel and full tang design, it can easily stand against the test of time. Watch how Daisy from The Ryahlie Garden use our Hori Knife on this video:

Check it out HERE.


While people living in the urban area may not necessarily have the luxury of space /garden. There are other alternatives you can consider. These planters are designed to serve the needs of city dwellers and houseplant lovers.

Hanging Planters, Check it out HERE.

Self-Water Planters, Check it out HERE.

Wooden Bird House

If you are a wildlife lover and enjoy having birdy friends as your neighbor, why not consider being a bird landlord? While they may not be able to pay you rent, they can still offer you plenty in kind e.g. companionship and joy. Once you start cultivating beautiful flowers and shrubs, birds will inevitably be attracted to it. Emerging Green birdhouse are specially designed for a wide variety of US native birds and it is rot resistance.

Garden Clogs

These are known as gardening shoes, and they come in different forms. You will need these if you are not in the habit of walking barefooted. Wearing a garden clog can protect feet your feet from injury and insect bites. They are very convenient to wear due to slip-on design, and you can clean them easily.

Check it out HERE.

Final thoughts

Gardening is a hobby that can improve your physical and mental well-being. It indirectly enhances your environment and in turn contributes to sustainability. An additional food source is a bonus, of course! Remember no investment in your personal well-being is a waste of time! Thank you for reading and keep safe! :)

Emerging Green is a small family business that focuses on home and outdoor products, we prioritize functionality and sustainability. 70% of our products are made of environmentally friendly material and we are striving to do better here. One of our goals is to substitute daily consumer products with greener alternatives. Learn more about us here.

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