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Personal Decline: 16 Signs To Watch Out For!!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The consistency about life is that everyone will face their own unique challenges at different life stages. During this period, it's tempting to "let go" and take the path of least resistance.

Sometimes we may not be aware of it, other times we choose not to acknowledge it. While one maybe contented with the current state of life, more often than not, a person's life can slowly slip into a downward spiral without being aware of it. Days passed into weeks, weeks passed into months, months into years. In the wink of an eye, you became a fraction of who you truly are.. While you might be "occupied" all these while, is this what makes you truly happy? Or are you "unhappily" content with how things are? Below are 16 signs that a change might be in order. 1. Weekdays become monotonous with only weekends to look forward to.

2. You started waking up later than usual.

3. You depend on social media or television for entertainment daily.

4. You start dragging your foot on everything you do.

5. You get offended and bear grudges easily.

6. You no longer have time or energy for fun.

7. You sink deeper into your vices. Think overeating, drinking, cigarettes etc

8. You started to close up internally. You stick to routine and no longer try anything new.

9. There is a constant simmering anger/ unhappiness within you

10. You can't let go and frequently revisit the ghost of yesterday.

11. You become apathetic towards others.

12. It's been a while since you exercise.

13. You are gaining excessive weight.

14. You subconsciously look for the flaws in others.

15. It's been a long while since you pick up good habits or learn new things.

16. You become inseparable from your mobile phone. The above 16 points are indicators that the time for change has come. In the next article, I will be sharing with you 35 hacks on how to improve your lifestyle.

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