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6 Benefits of a Bird House

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Over the past 50 years, the United States has lost more than 25% of its entire bird population, or around 3 billion birds. This is according to a new estimate published in the journal Science who utilize a variety of data point on bird species since 1970.

The threats against common birds are varied. The top few reasons are 1) the destruction of their natural habitats 2) the predation by domestic cats 3) the increasing number of wind turbine 4) effects of global warming. The best way to help our native birds is to protect their natural environment. Using bird house is an effective and simple way to assist birds to thrive. There are many unspoken benefits to it.

Below are 6 benefits of a bird house:

1. Safety - Bird house provide a safe shelter for birds to build their nest, a protective cover from the weather and predators. During cold season, they can give visiting birds a place to rest and recuperate from the element.

2. Joy - Bird house help to enhance your garden by adding variety to it. You can enjoy the birds every morning, see how the hatchlings grow and develop a more intimate understanding of life and gratitude.

3. Pest Control – Since birds eat pest such as cabbage maggot, caterpillars, cutworms, mosquitoes and potato beetle, having birds as your neighbor mean additional helping hands to remove these pests in your garden. This eco friendly approach save you money from harmful pesticide.

4. Weed control – Birds can help to control weed at its most critical stage – the seed period. This prevents the spread of weed after frost, hence increasing the productivity of your crops. It saves you plenty of time and energy in clearing the weeds.

5. Fertilization – Birds inadvertently defect on the surrounding area. This will serve as a natural fertilizer for the plants. With the hoping of birds in the nearby area, it will help create a scratching effort when the birds fly back and forth to the bird house. This creates a tilting effect that helps to make the soil more absorbent and loose. This allows nutrients to mix with the topsoil and facilitate good bacteria count needed for the right PH balance.

6. Seed dispersal – There are certain native plants that rely on birds and animals for dissemination and regeneration. When the seeds are eaten by birds, it gets transported from the original host spot while passing through the bird digestive system. An example of such plant is the leafy mistletoes.

By using a bird house, you are ensuring the sustainability of the native bird species while enhancing the overall growth of your garden. Why not start one today?

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