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5 Incredible Hobbies for 2021

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

It is easy to forget about ourselves, with our daily activities. Especially, when it comes to ladies. Waking up to take care of the kids, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day.

The activities seem endless, yet they get accomplished. Therefore, it’s important to find some personal time for ourselves. Ever wonder why there are so many hobbies for the ladies? From dancing to hiking, the list of hobbies goes on and on. With so many hobbies, it can be difficult to settle down on one.

Well, you don’t have to spend your precious personal time on the research. We took the liberty to find out the 5 coolest hobbies that you can do. These hobbies are not only fun, they carry mental and physical health benefits too!

The activities listed below are a great way to add value to your life:

1. Yoga

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

I used to avoid exercising because I disliked the idea of ‘tormenting’ my body just to look better. But I knew that my health had taken a turn for the worst this past year. My mood and stress levels were getting the best of me. I had to find something to channel my energy into and that would be beneficial for both my body and my mind.

There’s a reason why Yoga has been added to mainstream workouts. It can be surprisingly therapeutic and helps with relieving body aches. Through the various breathing exercises and releasing of body tension, I am able to better manage my stress level. Yoga has also taught me a great deal about awareness, being conscious of my actions and the surroundings.

If you find yourself stressed or lacking some motivation, Yoga is a refreshing option. Try opening yourself up to the idea of tuning in to your body & the world. After a few sessions, you will start to feel the difference.

2. Journaling

Another cool hobby that helps with your emotional engagement is journaling. It can be as simple as writing down what you do daily or things that preoccupied you. Go ahead and give it a try. While the initial phase can be challenging for some, like all things, it will improve with time.

After a few weeks of practice, the rhythm will follow. Focus on getting your words onto the pages first, change the writing style as and content when needed. With your journal you can take a trip down memory lane whenever you want. It is a form of meditation and self-reflection too!

Who knows, the next bestseller might just come from your journal.

3. Gardening

You guessed it, the next hobby on our list is gardening. There’s nothing like getting your hands full of dirt when it comes to your garden. Being outside with the sun in your face, with some fresh air is a powerful way to boost your mood.

Add some flair to your garden, with some vivid colors, you could even hang some flower baskets. Starting a garden hobby is not only good for your yard. Gardening can help minimize the chances of depression. Research also shows that people who work outside in their garden, are happier and more optimistic when surrounded by nature.

Why not start with a small garden or a few plants first? Then you can slowly add on to the landscape? Perhaps a wooden bird house or even a beehive.

4. Soap Making

Did you know that making soap can be an incredibly addictive hobby? It is a fun hobby to learn and allows you the bandwidth for creativity. Soap making gives you autonomy over the types and colors of soap to make. The choice can be mind-boggling.

There are so many combinations of ingredients you can use to create soap. There are many methods of soap making, make sure you choose the right method that best fits you.

New soap makers can find more information here. After you learn the techniques on how to make your own soap, chances are that you will share your creation with your friends. Perhaps your

friends might fall in love with your soap and they will request some more. This might make an incredible Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones.

5. Kettlebell Training

Photo by Purple Smith from Pexels

In our productivity-obsess society, it can be too easy not to know what hobby to choose. How about choosing an all-time favorite? Kettlebell training is an excellent hobby for those who want to stay fit.

Get that amazing physique you have always dreamed about. Kettlebell training might just be the hobby you need. Kettlebells are designed differently than dumbbells because they’re intended to be used in a more dynamic way. Kettlebells will get you moving, when you start swinging that kettlebell, your heart rate will rise in no time. You will be gasping for air, as you start dripping sweat on the floor.

It’s super effective and will fit any schedule. The best part of Kettlebell training is a strength workout combined with cardiovascular training. With a Kettlebell, you will get the best of both worlds. For better results, try to mix your kettlebell training with some H.I.I.T (High, intensity, interval, training). You can create a full-body workout if you combine your training. Any of these hobbies would be a particularly good choice, for anyone looking for something fun to do in their free time.


Don’t let the rat race get the best of you. It is imperative, that you find something relaxing to do with your free time. All these hobbies can be done from the comfort of your home. Uncover a new part of yourselves with one of these hobbies. Which one of the hobbies listed above is your cup of tea? Let us know in the comment section below. Finding a hobby should be fun experience. Try as many new hobbies as you can, until you find the one that is for you.

About the Author

Macgyver Ng is the co-founder of Emerging Green, a small family business that focus on home & outdoor products. We prioritize products that are made of sustainable sources or recycled material. Learn more about us here.

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