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The Secrets Behind Bird Friendly Garden!

Listening to birds singing outside your home can be a great way to start your day. Birds make your garden livelier and they can be good for the plants too. With birds roaming around your garden, garden pests are less likely to be an issue; with the benefit of flower pollination as well.

However attracting birds to your garden can be a challenge for some. They don’t just come flying in once you start flailing your limbs about. You need to take some steps to make sure the birds are attracted to your garden. Below are some steps we can take to make your garden attractive to birds.

A Place To Rest

By incorporating birdhouse into your garden, you provide our little friends with an alternative to natural nesting sites. Flying may seems fun, but don’t assume that our feathery friends do not need a place to rest. You can set up a birdhouse in the garden to test the water. While not all birds prefer man-made birdhouse as their pit stop, it’s better to keep our options open. Make sure your garden has adequate dense hedges or trees. The birds can create their own places to rest if they wish. The addition of natural bird nests might be a good touch to the garden.

Provide Food and Water

The birds visiting your garden are your guests, being hospitable will earn you some brownie points. Make sure there are food and water available for them. Ever heard of the quote: "The belly rules the mind"? A bird feeder in your garden can be helpful. Take into consideration the following: squirrels (they can and will compete for food), bird species in your vicinity, potential predators (cats?) and keeping the bird feed dry.

Birds can be skittish, make sure that the feeders are placed on quiet areas, away from any other animals. Birds get thirsty too! Keep a birdbath near the feeder. If you have a fountain or something similar in your garden, that would be a wonderful addition! Make sure that the water depth is shallow and it is safe to drink. During winter season, you can consider placing heated birdbaths.

Keeping it Clean!

As we mentioned already, clean water is a must for the feathery visitors. Clear out the bird feeders regularly, to prevent any risks of molds. Scrub the feeder inside with mild disinfectant to make sure there are no bacteria accumulation. Wash them with warm water and dry them properly before refilling it with food. It's important to check on the birdhouse every now and then. If your guests do use them, make sure you clean the boxes. Parasites can an issue with dirty birdhouses.

Keep the Plants Bird-friendly

Aside from the shrubs and trees in your garden, you can attract birds by adding some flowering plants. You can consider using hanging planters to create potential nesting space. These hanging planters can be a pleasant change to your garden, along with some chirping guests. Berry-rich plants, hawthorn, rowan, teasels- these are great for drawing in birds. These plants are a wonderful source of organic food for birds and act a shelter for them to rest under.

Garden Maintenance

Regular garden maintenance is necessary. Think of your garden as an ecosystem; plants, insects, birds and human are all interconnected. You can either pick up some gardening yourself or enlist a gardener for help. This might even be your favorite hobby!

Gardening is not rocket science, everything takes time to learn. You will eventually become better at caring for them. With the proper gardening tools as Hori knife, it makes the job easier for you. These knives are multifunctional, so you can get the most out of a single tool. It's easy to handle and lasts for a long time.

Which Food Attracts Birds the Most

Natural food sources are obviously a great way to attract birds. As mentioned earlier, you can plant some bird-friendly shrubs to draw birds in your garden. With plenty of natural food source in place, you don’t have to rely heavily on bird feeders. Shrubs with tons of seeds and berries are great for attracting birds. Even with a small garden or lawn, you can plant some beautiful shrubs since they don’t take up much space.

For bird feeders, you can use supplemental bird food. If you have no intention to grow new shrubs for attracting them, then fill the bird feeders with treats that can draw our little friends. Suitable foods for attracting birds are:

· Peanuts

· Sunflower seeds

· Shelled corn

· Cracked corn

· Millet

· Milo

· Suet

· Mixed seeds


Since the secret of a bird landlord has already been revealed, you should get started right away. Before you know it, your garden will be adorned with different colored feathers.

Emerging Green is a small family business that focuses on home and outdoor products. 70% of our products are made using eco friendly material and we are striving to do better every day. One of our goals is to substitute daily consumer products with greener alternatives. Learn more about us here.

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